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Hispanopedia is an online encyclopedia written in Spanish running on Wiki software. Hispanopedia is open to the participation of all people who can contribute content to Hispanic issues such worldwide, regardless of gender, race or nationality .


Unlike Wikipedia, Hispanopedia cannot be edited by anyone who wants to, but only by those qualified to do it. You don't need to be an scholar, but you must be able to write without any serious spelling or grammar errors. You also need to be sufficiently documented to provide reliable content and references (in this sense it is similar to Wikipedia).

Another difference with Wikipedia is that in Hispanopedia all editors write under their real names. No anonymous contributions are allowed.

English Version

The English Version of Hispanopedia is merely a translation of the original content found at the Spanish version], which mirrors as accurately as possible. There should be no differences between both versions, and all content needs to be created first at the Spanish side.

Spanish version